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Appearance~Achilles is a very attractive man, long blonde hair and unbelievably muscular. He has blue eyes, which are rarely closed (Although when the are, he is not likely to wake quickly) and mouth which smiles on rare occasions. When not in battle, he wears a blue tunic with sandals, or no clothes at all.
Personality~Achilles is silent and calculating, barking orders at his fellow Myrmidons, only when he has had a chance to go over everything in his head, although he often makes decisions for himself rather quickly. Because of his apparent immortality, Achilles is always the first person into a fight, able to out-run,throw and fight nearly all men.

Background~Achilles is the son of Peleus - long dead king of the Myrmidons - and Thetis, a beautiful nymph. He was dipped in the river Styx at birth by his mother and only had one weak spot, his heel by which he was held. Although not invincible, Achilles cannot be killed other than to stike his heel.
He was raised on Mt.Pelion by the Chiron the Centaur. The he was educated for many of his long years, learning how to play instrument, simple maths, literacy, and firing a bow. He skill in fighting was taught by his father, and later, himself.
He has fought in many wars and, during the Trojan war his cousin Patroclus was killed by Hector. This revealed the frenzy that Achilles is put into when enranged and emotionally hurt, when he fought and killed Hector, dragging the lifeless body around the walls of Troy on the back of his chariot.
Achilles has come to Olympus to reunited with the Gods he owes half his lineage to, and the source of all his power.


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Re: Achilles

Post  Innocent_ox on Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:35 pm

Accepted. (: Welcome to Olympus.

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